About Us

To Define

To define could set up limitations that later become barriers to growth. This site is to provide you with a banquet table of delicious options to be inspired. Shall we both be curious how our paths have crossed and be in wonder how we might allow a greater ‘more’ to unfold.


That mysterious filament that connects us all in this web of life. Filament: that creative juice traveling on its delicate strands that nourishes us far more because it is unseen, not understood with the mind and it therefore is the weaving of truths only the heart can foster. May our connecting here in the cyber world have a continuum that will also allow us to feel our kinship, our like direction as fellow travelers.

About Us

It is really all about you! May our community of friends and lovers grow ever strong to support and sustain the growing of trust that contributes to the greater whole peace and abundance. We are family. We are fully responsible and ultimately would not want it any other way. Thus, in honoring our uniqueness and that of all life forms upon this beautiful sweet smelling, pulsing and alive planet….we sing with the universe the song that honors all of creation through our joy to participate in the expression of the entire rainbow.

May we all learn the ways of loving the body/mind/emotions and spirit into greater and greater potential of manifestation. May we learn to live together extending our hands as we each become a blessing to ourselves, our fellow man and all that live upon the earth – breathing in gratitude with an awakened awareness of our connectedness with all life.

Tarika Lea | The School of Integrating Shiatsu