Tarika Lea

Tarika Lea, is the Founder of The Lea Method.

Tarika Lea, Education Director, Teacher, Therapist, Author, Artist, NLP Master Practitioner

She always knew she was going to meet her destiny in Hawaii when she was still a teen in Detroit. In the long chain of events of her life she indeed did launch her highly successful career from the insight of her youth and the great foot massages her sister gave her after her long hours of standing as a cashier.  Hawaii called her to new horizons where she took her three year apprenticeship in the Oriental Healing Arts and the rich Hawaiian cultural base of the body/mind approach to wholeness.  The connection between her passion for the inspiration Hawaii has gifted her and the vastness of silence and beauty of Alaska continues to be among those places on this planet she will always hold as precious and dear!

Pioneers will always be pioneers!

Tarika was indeed a pioneer in the field of therapeutic massage and massage training. She was the first legitimate massage therapist that she knew of in the entire city of San Antonio in the early seventies and trained many through apprenticeship at that time.  She studied Rebalancing in Amsterdam as well as held many training seminars in the years she enjoyed Europe. The big leap was establishing the first state authorized massage school in the interior of Alaska in the early nineties completely on her own.

School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska

The school is proud to have contributed to high levels of excellence providing hundreds of massage therapists who have earned the status of professionals. Over a twenty year period their integrity has significantly reduced the stress levels of tthe entire city at 65th Latatude: Fairbanks, Alaska.  The school has become well known for featuring The Kata Massage Series™, a potent and versitile series of modalities that assures longevity for the practitioner. The influence of paradise at 50 degrees below zero has been welcomed with the through the clothing techniques from Tarika’s original training called: Hawaiian Mat Massage ™ – Lomi Lomi Kahiko.  and approach to massage and Hawaiian Mat Massage™ – Lomi Lomi Kahiko.

Bridging Eastern, Western and Hawaiian traditions of healing is perfectly logical as well as illogical! The charts from Anatomy, to Polarity to Acupuncture available in the late sixties taught her the body was ndeed as vast and mysterious as earth’s entire terraine!

It has been her great joy and fulfillment to have shared the potent method that has evolved over the last four decades through her many teachers and her persistence to be more and more efficient. Her desire to translate an intuitive skill with anotomical knowledge has prompted her to teaching through Katas. (Structured series of sequences that lays down principals and methods that support different levels of learning and abilities.)

Participating in her classes, on-line trainings and special retreats you will draw from the rich resources of her life’s work and explorations and her years of experience of teaching and inspiring her students.  Her guidance in the use of essential oils is alive with passion and trust in their therapeutic benefits backed with years of experience. She has discovered many ways to address stress and has also explored her own deep ancestoral roots to find back many aspects of appreciating their legacy to her.

Influence of Morrnah N. Simeona, Kahuna Lapaau

In Tarika’s travels she has benefited by many spiritual teachers across many continents. One of the richest contributions to her insight into healing and teaching massage has been the priviledge and gift in having met Morrnah Simeona and having her accept Tarika into an untraditional traditional apprenticeship in 1969. Considered a national treasure by the state of Hawaiii, the legacy of a form of bodywork that has not been publically taught has been with Tarika for four decades. The Hawaiian Mat Massage ™ , inspired by Morrnah and her lineage is being presented by Tarika as an honoring to Morrnah’s many healing contributions to the world.  Soon after Tarika’s apprenticeship at the Royal Hawaiian Health Spa (at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki, Oahu), Morrnah later became internationally known for bringing Ho’ oponopono into the world in the seventies and eighties  (a practice of forgiveness and empowering ones creativity and responsibility).

The Legacy Continues

Hawaiian Mat Massage™ – Lomi Lomi Kahiko along with the Kahuna teachings and Hawaiian culture shared by Morrnah deeply seeded Tarika’s fertile soil of eagerness to learn as a young apprentice. It is only until very recent that Tarika decided to carry forward the legacy of this form of Hawaiian bodywork Morrnah had gifted her with to to make available to a wider audience.  As a through-the-clothes method of bodywork it rovides a quick to learn and highly effective without stress on one’s hands and available to a wider base of people who might otherwise not get a table massage.

Meditation and Inner Guidance

Another influence originating early in her long career that forms a strong grounding cord of her courses, retreats and private sessions is her dedication to a meditation practice. She upholds that trusting in ones own inner guidance is of foremost importance contributing to all personal growth that will best unfold the joy of ones own unique path.  There is a direct corrilation with the quality of one’s touch and their levels of awareness and availability on all levels.

Communication – the Mirror Qualities Giving Understanding

Having a Master level in Neuro Linguistic Programming greatly assists Tarika in offering exquisite tools of communication in further understanding the human mind in cooperation with the subconscious.  It is a worthy study that can  directly foster a more healthier relationship with ones body.  The highlights of NLP also enhances all of one’s relationships. The benefit of her trainings is in how it prepares her students to better participate ever more consciously with the needed shifts of consciousness in the days we are now living and how that impacts our health and well being.

The Ever Expanding Worlds

Tarika she is also channeling her high creativity through writing inspirational books and card decks that foster the concept of embodied spirituality and that also inspires meditation practices. Her passion for the use of drums and other natural forms of deepening relaxation is offered as part of her meditation retreats facilitating and addressing a quickening of consciousness and personal/global healing.