Meridian Raindrop

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Gentle Wind Essential Oil Meridian Raindrop
– Free demo March 23 Thursday
– Mini-Raindrop & valuable info for solutions to Black Mold
March 30th, Thursday

This method of essential oil application gives aromatherapy a new definition! Come to the free demo to observe the restorative benefits that reduces stress by normalizing blood serum cortisol and heart rate, reduces inflammation of the body bolsters immune system by increases natural T-cell and lymphocytes, increases our ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. This method also has been known to assist the body to release toxins, improves circulation as it dilates blood vessels, relaxes muscles increasing stamina and energy. It has even been reported to increase athletic performance according to the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Attendance to watch this technique will give you not only an appreciation for the highly effective benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils but also through breathing them in you too will enjoy many of the benefits yourself.
This free demo will be followed with a class on the 30th of March where you will learn the Gentle Wind Mini-Raindrop using all 8 essential oils on your body’s inner meridians and other important points.

Included with this evening class will be MUST KNOW information about Black Mold and ways you can effectively address its highly dangerous effects if left unchecked.

Your presenter brings over twenty years teaching professional use of essential oils and has developed many highly effective methods of application within Gentle Wind Essential Oil Applications.

Please register @ 907-978-7161

Both classes will be given at:
Aloha Wellness Center
Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat – 239 Haili, Hilo
(Across from St. Joseph Catholic Church)

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DIY Spa Pleasure Experience

DIY Spa Pleasure Experience

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Come enjoy a DIY deligthful self-care evening using therapeutic grade essential oils learning the benefits of Gentle Wind Essential Oil Applications using foot & hand reflexes(give and receive) and more! The presenter brings over twenty years of essential oil use both personally and professionally. She has developed highly effective techniques over her four decades of dedication to the healing arts and massage.
*Enjoy quick relief for neck tension & stress
*Use the power of the ‘meridians’, learning how to open the Chi flows
*Boost the immune system – your 2nd brain!
*Learn the gift of the ancient practices with: The Sacred Art of Anointing
*Embrace the benefits of using essential oils for simple solutions to everyday challenges

Please register @ 907-978-7161

Aloha Wellness Center
Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat – 239 Haili, Hilo
(Across from St. Joseph Catholic Church)

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ESSENTIAL OILS…Wait!…’There Is More’!
Consider whole-life wellness. Learn how to use safe and effective essential oils and oil-infused products to replace the harsh chemicals found in most homes and offices.
Looking for answers to make better choices for your health and whole-life well-being?

DID GRANDMOTHER TEACH YOU? Learn what our ancestors have used all along to survive and thrive: herbs! Now consider – concentrated liquid herbs! Although diet and exercise play such an important part in your health, essential oils are now considered by a growing numbers of prominent health professionals and doctors the missing link to solving many health challenges we face today. 
Do you know what it takes to have an authentically pure essential oil that makes the difference?

  • Seed selection that produce optimal levels of desirable compounds
  • Rigorous standards and expertise monitored of farms growing the plants
  • Delicate distillation process to maintain the ideal profile of beneficial plant compounds
  • State-of-the-art testing facilities guaranteeing consistent quality and purity
  • Inspection and sealing of each product

This Seed to Seal TM promise of purity was developed over 20 years by the world’s most respected essential oil producer, Young Living Essential Oils. It will be highlighted in the following classes:

The Therapy Network presents:

Looking for answers to make better choices for your health and
whole-life well-being?

  • May 17 Tuesday – Experience the many ways of using essential oils and why – $10, 6P-8P
  • May 24 Tuesday – Create a non-toxic home environment and medicine cabinet – $10, 6P – 8P
  • May 31 Tuesday, June 2, Thursday Beginner’s Gentle Wind Raindrop Technique: Includes intro to Lea Method Massage techniques & Gentle Wind Reflexology with Essential Oils. A unique approach to powerfully boosting one’s immune system receiving the oils into the delivery system of the body: namely the spine (and also using the meridians). Taking both classes, you will be receiving a two hour session as well as learn how to give one effectively and safely. Thought of as a highly relaxing massage to some and life changing to others. $60, 6PM – 9:30PM Pre-registration is required
  • June 9, Thursday – Learn about and experience the Vitality Culinary Essential Oil Collection. Using essential oil in your food, delighting your senses AND supporting your health. Taste Green Chile Enchiladas made with Einkorn flour! Class includes self-help techniques to shift emotions and lift your energy using the body’s meridians. $10, 6PM – 9PM

BONUS Are you signed up yet as a member? Receive a $20 refund coupon toward the above tuition if you sign up to get your Young Living’s Essential Oils Premium Kit wholesale (includes lifetime membership) before the end of the last class.

YOUR FACILITATOR Tarika Lea, Education Director of the School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska since 1989. Working and training hundreds professionally in the field of massage for over 46 years, over twenty of those years she has used, studied and taught essential oil classes being amazed by their efficacy. In addition to the above classes she will offer one 16 hour beginner’s classes in Hawaiian Mat Massage TM that anyone can learn and benefit – weekend of June 10th. See for more details.
Facebook: GentleWindOilApplications

LOCATION: 1703 Fiddle Way, AK
Register early although drop ins are usually possible – please call.

Cash, Visa/Master Cards accepted



Ways to be empowered in feeling great!  

AROUND THE WORLD Having Young Living farms across the world helps control the growing, distilling, sourcing, and testing of all of their essential oils. Finding the optimal climate, soil and growing conditions and partnering with carefully selected cooperative farms ensures delivery of an essential oil collection the world-class quality customers have come to expect.

SEED TO SEAL COMMITMENT Young Living’s commitment of the exclusive ‘ Seed to Seal’ process continues to prove itself as a forefront leader in the reputation it has well earned across the world to include shipping to over one hundred countries. As a solvent company the following Young Living Farms include: St. Maries, Idaho, Mona, Utah, Highland Flats, Naples, Idaho, Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Salahah, Oman, Almog, Israel and Taitung, Taiwan. These do not include the partnership cooperative farms that have agreed to farm with Young Livings high standards and monitoring across the globe as well.
Presently Young living currently has offices with explosive growth and recognition in the following countries: Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Peru. Young Living anticipate opening multiple new markets every year for the next decade.

 Young Living has proven itself to be such a company to trust and
experience what ‘purity’ and commitment truly means.

Fall/Winter 2013 

Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrop Essential Oil Class
Oct 13 –
Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrop Essential Oil Application
Oct 21 – Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrop Essential Oil Application DEMO

2013 Crafting Health Series
Oct 28 –
Moods & Emotions
Nov 4 – Your Guts + Liver Cleanse – Rejuvenate!
Nov 11 – Is it Clean or Poisoned?
Nov 18 – Medicine Chest: What Oils to Always have Near
*Special Class Nov 22 – Essential Oils – Everyday in Every Way: Acu Anointing  
Nov 25 – Sweet Dreams
Dec 2 – Biblical Uses of Essential Oils Reviewed

Class Descriptions

Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrop Class

Liquid herbs touches us on every level.
This technique gives aromatherapy a new definition!

October 13, Sunday 12 N – 6:30 PM, Tuition: $75
at 1703 Fiddle Way, Fairbanks, AK 
Please Register 907- 479-3820 

Receive the benefits as well as learn how to give this incredible immune supporting method using the therapeutic values of Young Living essential oils. These oils and company are known the world over as having the highest integrity and excellence that gives RESULTS!

Change the way you look at supporting your health with new eyes. Empower yourself to take control of your own health and well being and that of your family and loved ones through the age old wisdoms of your ancestors. Self care, prevention methods, a life style and choices that supports your health and well being all contributes to strengthening your responsibility for self reliance.

The ten essential oils you will experience along with The Lea Method of Massage has been inspired by the world’s foremost authority on essential oils, Dr. Gary Young and a technique he has developed known as ‘The Raindrop Technique. The important protocol of use of essential oils are used from this method. This method was further enhanced and expanded by Tarika Lea, a forty year massage therapy veteran and teacher. The addition of the hand saving and potent massage and energy work techniques along with the use of the body’s energy systems identified as meridians makes this version have its own signature and results.

Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrop


Experience how it can:

• Influence deeper sleep
• Support more joint and spinal mobility
• Stimulate more energy and relieve back pain
• Significantly boost the immune system
• Support the liver to flush – safely
• Assist the lymphatic system
• Address balance of the endocrine system
• Address the nervous system directly, reducing stress
• Elevate your mood and leave a peaceful feeling on all levels

This method is easy to learn, easy to give and, easy to teach to others.

Please schedule soon to assure your space:


SPECIAL: Bring a friend and both receive $15 off of your tuition!



MONDAYS, 7PM – 9 PM Tuition: $10 (Unless otherwise noted)
at 1703 Fiddle Way, Fairbanks, AK
Please Register 907- 479-3820
Enhance Your Health With Essential Oils and Related Products To make these Monday evening classes both fun and practical some crafts, samples and techniques for application will be included as optional at the end of some of the classes.

October 21, Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrops demo 
       PLUS an intro to essential oils

COMPLIMENTARY CLASS Learn of the incredible benefits of ten therapeutic grade essential oils and how they can greatly support your immune system as well as bring your body systems to greater homeostasis. Nature has the answers! Featuring Young Living’s Raindrop Technique Kit Oils layering them onto the spine to include the hand saving techniques of The Lea Method and other additions, followed by a warm wet compress.

$10 Tuition for each of the following highly informative experiential classes 
Please note there is an additional materials fee for some classes.
Pay in full and for all classes, material fees waived: $70

October 28, Moods and Emotions
       Address naturally with’……’.Shift quickly with……..!

Find answers! Although a complex subject there are far reaching consequences to the use of drugs. Are there alternatives to consider for you, your children and family? Scientifically grounded information will be available on balancing hormones, use of Prozac and other drugs, what may be greatly impacting you through your diet etc. Also which essential oils balance your hormones? Learn about Progessence Plus and Prenolone Plus Body Cream – making significant differences. Craft: Make a ‘Shift with a Sniff’ – Quick shift of moods with this! $5 Materials Fee

November 4, YOUR GUTS + LIVER A GREAT CLEANSE – Rejuvenate!

Your life depends upon it! Be motivated! Suggestions of Essential Oil enhancements and dietary choices for your bowels. Why ‘clean my pipes’? How important is digestion? Are you combining foods properly? Consequences of a poor eliminative system with a check list of what you can do DAILY. Delicious sample provided for a formula designed to strengthen your liver.


Should your cleaning products be under key?…OR?…… How safe is our common household cleaners and products to touch, to breathe, to put on our skin? Urgent information you need to know. Samples exposed of health supporting options for us all to benefit. Reference material: Is there Cancer in Your Tub? ALTERNATIVES for a clean environment with samples given. Learn about Thieves products and what a life saving formula we have available. So, winter and mold….ah! another!

November 18, MEDICINE CHEST: What oils to always have near?!

Emergencies – General – Outdoor Benefit by having safe alternatives handy when needed. Review what you can replace in your medicine cabinet and be more self reliant through an attitude of preventative care. Invaluable list provided to include what each oil does and their extended uses. Craft project: Materials provided to make either small or large sizes of ‘kits’ to house the vials. $5 Materials Fee Completion as time allows. NOTE: essential oils & bottles obtained separately.

November 25, SWEET DREAMS

Increase your Delta deep relaxation states! It’s a crisis if you aren’t sleeping enough! Oils to use inducing deeper sleep, their attributes and why they work will be highlighted and sampled. New Young Living capsules. ALSO What acupressure points can be used plus other methods for obtaining deeper sleep will be given as well. Craft Project: Create Dream Pillows enhanced with Essential Oils and dried herbs $10 Materials Fee addition (Class may be up to an hour longer.)


Mary Magdalene: Why Spikenard? If you could ask the three wise men: Why Frankincense and Myrrh? What KIND of Frankincense was considered more valuable than gold?! Why? Learn why these essential oils were used during biblical times and needed now more than ever with the science to back it! Treat: Enjoy a special anointing with these blessed oils and ‘Laying On of the Hands’ techniques.




Enjoy self application, massage techniques and helpful suggestion of the EveryDay Kit essential oils, Young Livings most popular and potent ‘working oils’. This class is one in a series of the Gentle Wind Applications of Essential Oils. It comes with a reference manual with a $20 coupon off of your lifetime membership to Young Living with timely response within the first week by placing an order. (If you are not already a member.) Tuition: $35.

Many report how wonderful they feel for days after this class!
TIME: 6 – 9:30 PM

PLEASE REGISTER (907) 479-3820

at:  School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska
Dragonfly Ridge Healing Arts Center
1703 Fiddle Way, Fairbanks, Alaska

(Backside of Chena Ridge off Isberg – click image for larger view of map)

If you are interested specifically in any of these classes and they do not meet with your schedule please let us know as there may be other opportunities as we would like to keep you informed.


Tarika Lea has used these exquisite oils both in her professional training programs as well as her private practice since the mid nineties. She has remained both passionate and loyal to their use in witnessing endless results for herself, her students and her clients. Let her share the depth of her experience.