Individual Appointments with Tarika Lea

Hawaiian Mat Massage
By use of the feet a very different relationship is formed with the recipient’s body. The feet become amazingly potent, transforming tools freed of the habits of control our hands have developed. The recipient actually grows a deeper trust of the giver as they receive accurate pressure that benefits them so deeply. For many this method invites a broader pleasure in letting go – a whole new level of experience. It is common to hear recipients express how much greater their range of motion increases, that old injury sites no longer hurt and that their ability to breathe more deeply has vastly improved.

Special 1 hr for $85!
2 hr for $195
Residents of Fairbanks SPECIAL $175 for 2 hr session

Gentle Wind Meridian Raindrop
Experience this highly revitalizing method called: GentleWind Meridian Raindrop. You will experience nine of the most exquisite nourishing essential oils of Young Living that are world wide known for their purity and medicinal benefits.  Celebrated by thousands to strengthened the body’s immune system and reduce inflamation that causes pain the selection of oils help to support the entire body leaving the recipient feeling deeply relaxed.

1.25 hr for $125
2 hr for $195 (incl’d specific work on neck, hands & feet)

Sessions are presently is given by Tarika Lea and includes additional massage tayloring techniques according to her client’s needs.

Appointments are neccessary: Tarika Lea (907) 479-3820 
at:  School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska
Dragonfly Ridge Healing Arts Center
1703 Fiddle Way, Fairbanks, Alaska

(Backside of Chena Ridge off Isberg – click image for larger view of map)