GentleWind Raindrop | May 31 & June 2, 2016

Anyone can learn Gentle Wind Raindrop
using the Lea Method of hand saving techniques!
(Inspired by the RainDrop technique) 

Who would benefit from learning
and receiving this technique?

Athletes — Worthy of adding to your agenda of quickening the healing process of increased circulation with the benefit of herbs addressing inflammation!

Moms — Boost your kids immune system and help them focus in school!

Partners — Enjoy so many of the benefits of
a great massage!

Compromised immune systems — A powerful health supportive experience!

Massage Therapists — A new service to offer your clients that keeps people coming back for more!

Some reported benefits:

    • Improved flexion & performance…(University of Miami School of Medicine)
    • Lessened muscle pain, reduces inflammation
    • Emotionally uplifting, stress reducing
    • Deepens sleep, balances the body’s systems
    • Addresses viral causes of spinal misalignment
    • Supports the body’s immune function

This is a powerful way to care for your friends and family! They will love you for it!
There is even a short 15 minute version to apply
to yourself and others in the user’s manual.


Cash, Visa and MasterCard accepted.

Register Today! (907)479-3820
If there is no class scheduled in your area or in the time frame you can attend please contact: to inquire about future classes and locations.

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