Hawaiian Mat Massage Traditions

Spring 2017

Hawaiian Mat Massage

Hawaiian Mat Massage
Voted The People’s Massage: a life skill for everyone!
FREE INTRO at 13-6348 Kalapana-Kapoho, Pahoa, Opihikao (On the ‘Red Road’ three miles from Kalani Oceanside Resort)

*Non-Invasive techniques through the clothes
*Highly effective using a chart that identifies areas to apply pressure
*For all body styles – adaptable use of pressure
*Give without fatigue – its so much fun using ones feet as hands!

Can be given without special equipment and in many different environments!
Tarika Lea comes through the lineage of Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Kahuna Lapa’au. Tarika was Morrnah’s first apprentice in 1969 on Oahu at the Royal Hawaiian Health Spa.

Tarika is a master teacher offering over four decades of experience. She is the founder of the Postsecondary authorized massage school in Alaska:The School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska which presently offers continuing education classes here in Hawaii and other states at various times.

This authentic Hawaiian influenced method of massage is an easy-to-learn technique for beginners and professionals alike. Next fall there will be more in depth opportunities to dive deeper into its powerful benefits.

COME TO OUR FREE INTRO! 14th March 6- 8:30PM at Opihikao

The following weekend class is in Hilo:

Level 1 – Section 1

Strong Roots: lower back, hips & legs
March 17th, Friday 6:00 – 9:30p.m.
March 18th, Saturday 2:00 – 7:00p.m.
Tuition: $145

Location: Aloha Wellness Center, 239 Haili St., Hilo

Please register: 907-978-7161

Pay Pal: tarikalea@yahoo.com
Credit cards/Debit cards accepted at the class

Hawaiian Mat Massage  Lomi Lomi Kahiko  

  • This technique invites, enlivens, and awakens life giving streams within the body.
  • The basic Hawaiian tenet is that there is nothing to fix but rather with support and awareness, the body can self-organize and balance on every level.

Description: With the advantage of the floor, rocking the whole body as part of an integrating process offers a surprising ease of release. Using feet instead of hands as one sinks into key trigger points quickly and comfortably addresses muscular, joint and postural imbalances with far less stress on the giver’s hands. Use of the specially designed Balance Bar further assures accuracy of technique but is not required. Many appreciate this method which is done through the clothes hence this session can be given in a multitude of environments and on people who otherwise may not consider receiving a table massage. Just about everyone can learn and receive (with certain health restraints), no matter one’s body size or age.

Learning how to be more sensitive through ‘soft feet’, with heightened coordination the giver can skillfully control even the smallest detail in using one’s body weight giving a highly beneficial massage often in far less time. The added advantage of the use of the whole body with gravity, gives this method an effortless quality while still profoundly deep, comfortable and safe.

Hawaiian Mat Massage ™ offers a large bank of techniques supporting the recipient’s body in finding homeostasis quickly and naturally.  The inclusion of both Eastern and Western influences lends both the details of specific trigger points and tsubos using the Kata Flow Charts establishing a broad base to draw from in giving this deeper form of bodywork. Trigger points efficiently address dysfunctional holding patterns of tension within the muscular system. Balancing the body’s Chi, addresses the electrical flows of one’s body through meridians and tsubos benefits the body in a multitude of ways merely the physical approach misses. Those who receive Hawaiian Mat Massage™ agree that this method often gives results that use of the hands alone can rarely achieve.

Hawaiian Roots of This Method

Many forms of Lomi Lomi were commonly practiced in ancient Hawaii and other Polynesian cultures. As an integral part of the culture it was considered a great skill passed down through nearly every family bloodline. This Lomi Lomi method was inspired by Morrnah Simeona, Kahuna Lapaau. Tarika was her first apprentice in the late sixties and had the privilege to be with Morrnah for three years prior to Morrnah traveling across the U.S. and Europe, bringing the technique of Self Identity Ho’oponopono into the world.  This style of Lomi Lomi is not a well known method of massage therapy. Infused with the Hawaiian body/mind wisdoms to healing and wholeness, this modality provides an environment that honors mutual responsibility.

Hawaiian Mat Massage™ is supported by an adjacent bank of techniques called Kata Massage Series ™ refined by Tarika Lea. You too will appreciate her ability to transfer this method to you quickly and easily through learning the Kata within Hawaiian Mat Massage ™.

 Why Use of the Feet Can Be More Potent Than Hands

Benefits to the recipient: By use of the feet a very different relationship is formed with the recipient’s body. The feet become amazingly potent, transforming tools freed of the habits of control our hands have developed. The recipient actually grows a deeper trust of the giver as they receive accurate pressure that benefits them so deeply. For many this method invites a broader pleasure in letting go – a whole new level of experience. It is common to hear recipients express how much greater their range of motion increases, that old injury sites no longer hurt and that their ability to breathe more deeply has vastly improved.

Benefits to the practitioner: There is a distinct advantage in being able to have more pressure when needed, that can easily be targeted where needed. The foot covers more area than the hand thus this fact alone contributes to faster results and a less effort otherwise exerted through one’s hands. Often it is a feeling that: ‘This can’t be this easy!’ Taking advantage of the body’s fluid nature using various rocking or vibration techniques, the whole body surrenders, deeply relaxing. This ease also keeps the energy of a session on a wonderful wave of movement. Those proficient in feeling through their hands can easily transfer that ability to their feet. What a bonus!

The session learned within this training can be given within an hour, or a more complete session can be given in half hour increments. With the addition of each twenty hour course more skill levels and ways to address different body styles and conditions will be expanded.