Lomi Lomi Kahiko,Weekend 16 Hour Beginner’s Class

Hawaiian Mat Massage™
Learn the Soft Feet of Aloha – Lomi Lomi Kahiko
WEEKEND 16 Hour Beginner’s Class
Dates: June 10, 11 & 12, 2016
Friday 6 PM -9:30 PM, Sat.12 Noon – 6:30 PM, Sunday 12 Noon – 6:30 PM
1703 Fiddle Way, Fairbanks, Alaska

Anyone can learn quickly and, everyone benefits. This introduction class grounds a bank of techniques and skills that will give you confidence in giving a great massage with this unique method birthed in the islands. Learning the efficient use of one’s breath, body weight, angle and specific trigger points assures giving a session that can make a difference. This gentle but potent modality that can also benefit both the giver and receiver. Class designed for professionals and beginner’s alike.

16 hour certificate upon completion
Tuition: $245 Cash, Visa, MasterCard accepted


• Open to all levels–includes handouts to include with step by step charts
• Non-invasive techniques through the clothing address most all body styles
• Learn how to give a proper amount of pressure and in all the ‘right’ places
• Delight in helping others feel good, quickly and easily
BONUS: You will benefit by receiving as well as giving during class
LEARN The Ha Breath of Aloha Meditation that will assisting in many ways to include: better focus, increase of energy, and sensitivity in your hands and feet

A method where giving benefits you! Recipients are amazed: more strength, stability and flexibility and it even has similar effects on the giver!

Learn a skill that will give you a lifetime of joy!

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