“Meditation is adventure. It is the greatest adventure the human mind can undertake…. In meditation the silence is so profound that there is nobody, not even you. And this brings truth, and love, and thousands of other blessings to you.” Osho

Meditation is not just a divise to shift your mood, attitude or obtain a new perspective through contemplation (although it can do this). Meditation can transform your life.


“So there are two points: the source from where the arrow moves, and the end where the arrow reaches. Religion is always concerned with the source from where all the arrows move. Where they reach is not the point; the basic thing is from where they move – because if they move from a non-trembling being, they will attain the target. They have already attained, because in the source is the end, in the beginning is the end, in the seed is the tree, in the alpha is the omega.

So the basic thing is not to be worried about the result; the essential thing is to think, to meditate, about the source. Whetther my gesture is a perfect love gesture or not is not the point. Whether love is flowing or not, that is the point. If love is there, it will find its own technique. If love is there, it will find its own skill. But if love is not there, and you are skilled in the technique, the technique cannot find its love-remember this.

The center will always find its periphery, but the periphery cannot find the center. the being will always find its morality, its character, but the character will not find its being. You cannot move from without towards within. There is only one way:  energy flows from within towards without. The river cannot  move if there is no source, no originating source. Then the whole thing would be false. If you have the source, the river will move, and it will attain to the ocean – there is no problem. Wheresoever it goes, it will reach the target. If the source is overflowing, you will attain; and if you are simply playing with techniques and toys, you will miss.” Osho


Designed for the western mind Sampatti offers active meditations. They will assist you to let go and sink ever deeper. CDs can be purchased so you may continue to practice these forms to obtain the best result.  These potent meditations can be purchased through New Earth Records to include downloads. 888-245-4482.

The school hosts Osho Sampatti Meditation Center offering ways of exploring meditation through direct experience. Please contact the school for the current schedule. Remember to wear loose clothing and bring the spirit of having a good time!

PEACE VIGIL 12/21/12

This is a special Friday evening to join with others across the world in this high energy portal day. A gathering with the 3.5 foot community drum Freedom Star will be called. All are welcome to join with the focus on bringing the frequencies up in our lives, our livelihood’s, our relationships and stream it to the heart of the earth mother. There has been predictions of this time ahead and many have gotten visions of this date as an important one to gather. More information will be shared soon but do mark your calendar if you are drawn. You are welcome to also call us direct.

Other Events

In association with Dragon Fly Ridge Healing Arts Center there will be opportunities to experience the potency of additional drumming events both through ‘The Sacred Art of Drum Making’ classes as well as Drumming Circles hosted through the center. Call (907) 479-3820 for a current schedule. Please do let us know of your interest so that we can include you into our  events.