Our Commitment to Excellence


Offering methods of massage in a program and through all classes that emphasizes the importance of personal growth and responsibility in the process of assisting with greater maturity, love and compassion.

  1. Meeting the present escalating needs of all facilitators/bodyworkers the school is dedicated in giving tools, practices and methods to transform limiting perceptions and reactions (theirs and their clients or recipients), thus empowering the individual to directly experience dwelling in calm and responding to life with deeper trust.
  2. Sharing with all the principles of Ho oponopono as a tool of transformation to ‘return to love’ through the door of gratitude.
  3. Allowing higher consciousness to evolved the human experience to oneness in total support of ones sovereign  evolution of being a ‘creator being’ mastering responsibility for creation through the extent of one’s awareness and calling. (where attention goes energy flows!)
  4. Cultivating a witnessing consciousness in order to dissolve separation and meld with higher truths of a unified verse..the entire universe emulating the reality of benefiting the ‘all’.
  5. Be ever attentive to the value of choice through understanding the stress of taking sides to support the ego’s position of righteousness in place of living from knowingness and inner guidance.
  6. Harbor a willingness of expansion of consciousness through embracing all experiences as valuable.

Dedicated to establishing a firm foundation of self care and longevity practices that assure healthy relationships and healthy choices in support of the ‘whole person’. 

  1. Empowering the individual to directly experience dwelling in calm and responding to life with deeper trust and gratitude.
  2. Provide the inspiration and leadership to those who enter the field, so that they can have support in further opportunities to serve and to creatively use their natural skills and talents.

Cultivate class environments and programs in total support of shifts of consciousness to be elevated though the strengthening of Body, Mind and Spirit alignment.

  1. Create, teach and promote practical applications of practices creating a rhythm in ones day to day life.
  2.  Encourage a deeper commitment and  sincerity of the practitioner of bodywork and facilitator to develop and attitude of  availability to the highest potentials to have stage in ones work. (reach for the stars and know they will shine new light)
  3. Enjoy the truth of positioning as one who inspires, nurtures, encourages and blesses as one streams with ones inner core alignment with Divinity….body, mind and spirit in agreement.

Exploring the delicate energetic systems of the body and processes of raising its frequencies will be highly supported through the use of essential oils as well as both new and ancient methods and technologies.

  1. This science will be further defined through the commitment of direct experience of each student and teacher in assisting in the bridge to the higher energies now needing to integrate with our bodies at this time.
  2. Knowing that the frontiers of this science of frequency places an invitation to all for an authenticity freed of intellectual luggage of interpretation.
  3. Knowing that the experience of higher frequencies brings one present to the edges of renewal and newness – the unknown of new territory.
  4. Through innocence there is a willingness to witness and be part of what is natural. In evolutionary terms it is the impetus to Divine Order through direct experience of bliss, joy, states of ecstasy.
  5. The use of essential oils is a science that is welcomed as is the science of the electronics of the body through meridians and polarity touch in order to activate, accelerate, clear and balance.

All life sustaining – community strengthening – skill development in a meditative grounding is to be fostered, upheld and honored.

  1. Touch is that medium that sustains life through the material plane that bridges our humanity with our heart within us each.
  2. Touch by definition of its potentials of healing is life sustaining  due to the intention of ones commitment to bring greater health supporting another in homeostasis – a balanced way of life.
  3. Where two or more are gathered is community requiring agreement and honoring and further enhanced with including practices of meditation and a meditative quality of all activities.
  4. Becoming stronger as a community begins with our one to one interactions of sincere care. The environment of massage lends itself to supporting this flowering of grace.