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Benefits of Learning a Kata

The ‘Kata’ structure used within The Lea Method  offers a strong foundation of core principles. It is your depth of awareness of these core principles that brings the poetry, the healing art and ease of application to your loving touch.

Gain vision, understanding and skill levels of how to give a great massage without tiring your hands and wrists.  You can immediately apply the insightful wisdoms of the Eastern, Western and Hawaiian approaches to bodywork and healing presented to you in a clear language.  Unlike any other form this comprehensive method has been forty years in the making!

Can you imagine having MORE energy after an hour and a half of giving a massage ?!  Yes, using the Kata Massage ‘Three Basic Hand Positions’ and the ‘Keys to Longevity’, you actually will be strengthening and stretching your body while working. Adding essential hand and body mechanics and ergonomics is central to making all the difference.

Quickly you will learn the ease of application with this thumb and finger assisted method in addition to developing an awareness of moving from your center of gravity.  Using the’ Ha out-breath’ with your focused pressure, all these aspects are so  practical you will wonder why you had not thought of it yourself!

Clear Steps and Specific Selected Pressure Points

Appreciate the support of the Kata Flow Charts that will assure your accuracy in addressing major releasing trigger points and ‘tsubos’.  It certainly accounts for why the founder of this method has managed a highly successful career in her private practice for over four decades It is a further credit to this successful method  in tracking all of her graduates longevity through The School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska.

What are the results of learning Kata Massage?

You will learn a through and safe method that benefits both you, the giver, as well as the recipient.  One can work  lightly, inviting the body to higher energy levels with  deep states of relaxation.  You may also use these techniques for more penetrating pressure  releasing deep seated pain patterns gifting your recipient with greater freedom of movement and joy in their bodies.

Beginner or Professional 

Benefit from Tarika Lea’s depth of experience.  Begin mastering the powerful massage techniques of The Lea Method – starting with the first of the Kata Massage Series: Kata Massage Level One.

Whether you are a beginner to massage or a professional of many years dive into the delight of Tarika’s gentle style of teaching.  Notice that just through listening and watching you may begin to feel the blessings of the islands. You may even smell the luscious fragrance of influence of Tarika’s beloved Kumu, Morrnah Simeona.

The gifts of this treasured method  awaits you.  Like a Hawaiian lei of flowers  it is being offered as a blessing to you for your desire to serve, starting with caretaking your own body with these longevity techniques.

Now imagine how this influence can deepen the art of your touch as you welcome this potent method awaiting your yes!

Kata Massage Instructional DVDKata Massage Series, Level One

Full and clear instructional DVD, first in the Kata Massage Series™ offered through The Lea Method

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chart of Kata steps

We are pleased to share with you, in the comfort of your own home, The Lea Method, Kata Massage Level One DVD! Now you too can learn this amazing method and master these powerful tools! Order yours today!

Most realize the art of touch is an art. The essence of responding sensitively requires ones intuition. Yet, even in the most intuitive methods there are core principles. Learning these foundational aspects one’s touch becomes far more effective and the practitioner is also benefited.