Made to Order Drum

Keeping aglow with a love for life takes a heart of peace.
Our ancient ancestors knew the medicine of the drum.
Is drum ‘medicine’ calling you?


‘The invitation of a Journey Drum sets the pace for peace to blossom-
as the mind falls silent and listens.’ T. Lea


Allow Tarika Lea to make you a hand crafted Journey Drum, individually attuned to you and  for you. This is accomplished in different ways. To start, Tarika offers different drum sizes and various hides used to choose from. This is only the beginning.


A counseling session precedes the journey of the artist that will be weaving the new ‘drum keeper’s’ drum. The result is that the recipient co-creates through their intention with the support of the artist/visionary. Through her journeying meditative abilities the process of creating your Journey Drum will be quite unique contributing to the outcome.

                         This is a recent drum made for Shambala Meditation Center in Ithaca NY: 

NAMING THE DRUM & BEING OPEN TO THE GIFTS OF TOTEMS Opening to a name for this special drum may come immediately or in the process as well as what totems may be part of the ‘medicine’ of the drum. Often both come up in the session prior to making the drum. The totems of the earth, the air and the sea are all our teachers in the traditions of listening and learning the ways of the earth wisdoms through them..

USING THE DRUM Use of such a dedicated drum on a regular basis sets the state of mind and an open heart that often contributes to receiving insights to resolve issues, express emotions and lift one’s thoughts to see and understand more. Using the drum one becomes more grounded and centered to go forth on one’s journey focused and available.  Such a drum can open the door for many profound experiences. For many it is an indispensable lifelong companion that one can count on to bring balance and travel into deeper and deeper states of relaxation & inspiration.

THE BONES The bones of the Journey Drum is the hoop of wood used.  The shape provides a way to stretch the hide. The tension created allows it to have both a voice and a heartbeat. Honoring the medicine of the ‘tree people’ is to feel the gift of the tree’s surrender to be shaped.

Every component of creation comes together with the making of a Journey Drum. Earth, air, fire and water all come together in creation of the billion of life forms that are celebrated on this earth plane. Honoring one’s Journey Drum is honoring one’s body, is honoring all of creation.


As one listens, learns and expands with awareness one becomes sensitive to the interplay of all elements and their part in the grand play of life and creation.  As one heightens one’s awareness a gratitude arises from the heart that is so sustaining that it begins the process of linking to the basic of connection to this grand web of life. Gratitude transforms the mundane into the sacred.

GRATITUDE Including gratitude as a major theme in the creation of a Journey Drum, a fragrance seems to permeate it’s very core. It is only through this fragrance that an authentic heart beat of love can be born. Gratitude fosters the spirit within a Journey Drum that, in truth, can never be owned. The drum keeper’s responsibility is to take care that no harm comes to it and to use it frequently.

NEVER OWNED The spirit of the drum that can never be owned can open dialogue with all elements, with all of creation. Such a drum is sacred. It links one to the heart of creation freeing one’s creativity at it’s best. The aliveness of the flame within that needs tending to or dies. The drum awakens, reminds and stimulates our visions, our dreams and our willingness to let go – welcoming the new. The language of the heart beat of the drum is the clarion call to honor Divinity within. As we witness the preciousness of the moment, we also witness the beauty of all of this existence, in all of its drama. Death is not death to one who is available to the great mystery that provides the dark sky so the stars may be seen. Our bodies are not our ownership but our privilege to care for cherish and honor.


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SELF MADE DRUM  One can embark upon making one’s own Journey Drum through Alaska Sweet Rhythms occasional  ‘Sacred Art of Drum Making’ classes. It is a most intimate process, with permission, cutting the skin of one’s fellow brothers: the elk, the buffalo, the steer, the yak, the goat, the caribou, the bear or the moose.  Such a process needs to be entered with full intention to honor and be in deep gratitude to these beautiful beings. Each can reveal to us the wisdoms of how they lived their life and their continued gift of teachings to us. Making a drum from their skins is a way to express gratitude and celebrate their lives. Making your own drum is an initiation and those who have experienced doing so are always so surprised how meaningful it becomes. If you have never had the experience it is one that you will never regret.


You also may discover that having more than one drum also opens you to different experiences as each has its own voice. It is nearly impossible to touch a drum without wanting to hear it’s voice and play new rhythms. The beauty of a frame drum is because its played with a drum stick it is simpler. It works on a different principle than a two handed drum. Anyone can enjoy and benefit from its range of strong or quiet beats. It will surprise you how many new rhythms want to be set free to your ears!