Kata Massage Series

The Lea Method Kata Massage Series features longevity principles utilizing Hawaiian, Asian and Western influences. Through a heart centered approach of facilitating, the miracle of how the body responds to a loving touch and a compassion presence, this method places a high emphasis on supporting an individual in being guided by their own body wisdom. Hence the very definition of body ‘work’ changes to an invitation to embrace greater states of awareness that foster deeper states of trust and relaxation. This includes participation on these levels of both the giver and the receiver.

The Structure Of Learning Technique: Kata

Each Kata of the Kata Massage Series lays down a foundation of techniques. Each Kata builds on the next in challenge and skill development. High precision moves and skillful depth along with breath techniques are clearly seen in the unique base of The Three Basic Hand Positions, Revitalizing Flow Charts, and use of the Ha Breath first layed down as foundational methods in the first Kata: Kata Massage Level One.

Some refer to this method as the martial arts of bodywork due to the refined use of ‘chi’ energy and body relationship to every move and application of technique and pressure. Kata Massage serves both the recipient as well as the practitioner to achieve outcomes without burnout due to the use of these skills.

A Versatile And Broad Tool Bank

The tool bank of techniques are so versatile and broad that with the common thread of longevity and effectiveness each Kata lays down a foundation for a high degree of adaptability keeping the practitioner strong and flexible. This foundation assuring longevity offers ‘Touch Plus You’ methods making it easy to understand the relationships of personal growth and ability to facilitate others, as well as, practical guidelines to include in every massage.

Many ‘Katas’ Drawing On A Large Bank Of Techniques

Using principles of rhythm, flow and focus each Kata  also uses Tsubos along a meridian or trigger points as in Kata Massage. These same aspects are also key qualities in using deep muscle repatterning techniques such as used in the Slide Kata and Side Lying Kata.  The Chair Kata or Hawaiian Mat Massage have a bank of techniques specifically designed for ‘through the clothes’ of which this modality can easily adapt itself to give a high degree of effectiveness. There are also other Katas developed with this large bank of techniques to include the use of essential oils as well as ways to anchor the entire range of different degrees of pressure such as in the training: Yin of Touch – Integrating Kata and Next Connect an energetic approach to touch through the use of polarity, tsubos and chakras.

Assuring A Long Satisfying Career and Pain Free Method To Give

These well developed techniques have clearly been the core of why the founder, Tarika Lea, has enjoyed her active forty years in a private practice as well as a full career in teaching.  Owning the first Postsecondary authorized school in interior Alaska she continues to use her years of observation and practice to enhance and expand these methods and her delivery of training others.


School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska

Location: 1703 Fiddle Way, Fairbanks, Alaska
(Backside of Chena Ridge off Isberg – click image for larger view of map)

Our current class offerings are in The Lea Method: Hawaiian Mat Massage ™classes starting February 17, 2012 Friday at 6 PM in Fairbanks, AK . Students can enrol in one or all three weekends. Classes to include Chair Kata and essential oils trainings are next planned are in Maui, late spring 2012.

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